Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photo 7

No doggie pics today - although I did take some. I always end up with a lot of photos each day to choose from. I never just take one. That's not what the project is about for's always been for me to get my camera out DAILY and capture our life. As it is daily...not just in one picture. SO that's what I did last year and will continue to do this year...

ANYHOO - today's picture. I started my little 'tasks' list so that I could actually get busy. Note, there are only 2 things marked off? That's because this little puppy who brings a dose of cuteness to your day also brings along with him no time to do anything but tend to him. That's okay - I kinda like this excuse! :)


  1. I love the pad. Where did you get that?

  2. I actually found it at Home Goods in their stationary section...I bet you could also look at TJMaxx/Marshalls/ might find something like that there as well. Otherwise, you could pay full price and either get it online @ or go to Bevelled Edge (off White Bridge Road) and look at their selection of those products. I think they have this particular one there...