Monday, January 12, 2009

Photo 12

There were SEVERAL photos to choose from today, but alas, in the end I could only choose one. And I chose the one photo that made Cooper look a bit less impish than the rest of the photo ops did.

You see, this puppy is a bit of a rascal. He's not the sweet, loving, kind, gentle puppy that I think Thomas had in mind when he bought him for us as a Christmas present. In fact, that very same sentiment was voiced last night as he continued to bounce all over the bed and all over Thomas' head while he was trying to sleep. Because, well...because he cries all night long in his crate!

For example, just now I sit back down after literally chasing him down to get the bit of trim that loosened up underneath his feet. How he found the one piece that is loose around the stair, I just don't know...but he did. He has that uncanny ability to search and rescue stray particles around the house. It's very uncanny ability this little puppy has...ugh.
Back to the photos at hand. I COULD have chose to share the one of his tail as he whizzed passed me dragging toilet paper behind him. I could have shared the one of the remnants of toilet paper strewn all over the bedroom floor that had JUST BEEN VACCUUMED! I COULD have shared the one of tossing his head around in a blurred motion with the toilet paper cardboard insert hanging out of his mouth...
Instead...I chose this one...doesn't he look much sweeter and calmer in THIS one? NO? Seriously...him CALMLY chewing this one thing is better than him freakishly running around the house chewing EVERYTHING! Seriously folks...this is NUTSO!

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