Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photo 3

Well - here he is, but we are still deciding on a name. He currently is named Tyler by his breeder, however, we're not certain about that name...we've got a few choices floating around and will make a decision in the next few days. :) Just thought you might want to see him in the meantime.


  1. oh man, is that a beagle?!
    puppy of my choice! but i am allergic, i had them growing up! i love theM! he's so CUTE!

  2. awww!!! Yay for puppies! His little nose is so cute.

  3. Yeppers, it's a beagle. He's full of fantastic energy and is seemingly and surprisingly adapting well to our rambuctious home. I can tell he's going to be a little bit of a handful until he's just a bit older and can be disciplined better. I'm hoping we can decide on a name soon so that I can start using that and no together in a firm voice, lol! Especially when he tries to nibble on my kitchen chair legs. Yeppers...never had a chewer before. YIKES!

    ANYHOO - Olivia is slowly appreciating him but I'm sure she's wondering why this visitor is still here at the end of the day. Wasn't he supposed to go home by now? LOL!

  4. He's so cute!!! And I LOVE your banner - very very cute! Hope your doing well! :)

  5. What a sweet little face... He's adorable!