Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photo 25

Not sure why this purple sequined play dress (seriously - did she uncloth in my scraproom, OR did she just feel this sudden urge to grab a play dress and bring it downstairs with her?) has taken up residence next to my Cuttlebug and Slice in my scraproom, but it has and did...and it no longer does...'cause it's hanging out on the stairs waiting for it's owner to grab it and EVERYTHING else she owns in this life and carry up to her OWN room!


  1. you love your Slice? I thought about getting one at HL with a coupon, but I ended up going with a Cricut Expressions and I am buying the software to be able to download fonts from the computer. I thought about getting a Wishblade, but I've heard that the learning curve for that is high.

  2. I like the Slice, but I think I'd still like the Silhouette - for the larger things. You can only get up to 4 inches with the Slice, but the cartridges are great. I'm still learning the positions of the cuts, so I still haven't tried actually cutting things out of a background like I've seen done before.

  3. and i thought i was the only one that stacked everything i find on the stairs all throughout the day. lol! yet, days can go by and the girls can walk past those piles about 74 times before i yell at them to put it all away!