Friday, January 2, 2009

Photo 2

I love to keep my Christmas cards from previous years. I don't always keep all of them, but I do keep the ones that are especially pretty, all photo cards, all family cards, and all of the ones from people I know longer hear from. It just reminds me of each one of them and always gives me a chance to reflect on our times together.

I especially keep ones like this:

the last one I received from Mrs. Brauchle in her loose handwriting.
the last one I received from Sis. Huddleston
the one I got from Creating Keepsakes one year (just a reminder to me of what I've done in the past)
the handwritten letters or yearly documents/newsletters

I love going over them each year and always have had enough that would fit into one of my McCoy pottery pieces that sat around somewhere. This year it was overflowing, so in keeping with the December Daily album feel, I grabbed a few pieces of chipboard this morning and punched holes in all of my cards, culled through the ones I wanted to keep, and bunched them together in one spot. Since I'd not done this before, I couldn't remember the years for all of them and ended up not putting them in order. I did, however, make a special section (with a portion of leftover DD album acrylic insert that didn't get used) for this years cards.

I think this will help me to do this each year...just either add to this one, or create a new one when it gets too large.

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