Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photo 55

Brandon got candles....erhhhmmmm....a candle. He didn't want a bunch of candles (which was good considering I didn't get any!)but still, being the pyromaniac he tends to be if left unguarded, he wanted a BIG candle he found in the drawer. A little rigging later (good impromptu on my part, if I should say so myself, lol!) and voila...a birthday candle fit for any 14 year old who requests Mountain Dew BUNDT cakes for his birthdays! :) Notice who lit it? Yep...the birthday boy himself, who proceeded to laugh so incredibly hard at our HORRIBLE Happy Birthday rendition (mostly Nathan's horrible singing) that I only got semi-focused shots of him during the obligatory singing session.

That's okay...I got enough shots of the night (unlike last year's no CF card blunder...which btw, will NEVER happen again because I've set the camera to NOT shoot without the CF card in!) to make a great scrapbook page.

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