Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photo 32

Welcoming in the month of 'love' and since I have a ton of these little hearts scattered here and there. (found them at a unique home decor/gift shop when we were building the house and picked up about 8 of them in several different colors to put into a bowl. They've since found homes at various times of the seasons here and there around the house.) Thomas and I watched Fireproof on Friday night and I must say - I think I need to find the book and read about the Love Dares...they were good...I think everyone's marriage needs that. Gonna go spend my BOM gift card I got for Christmas from my lovely friend Tammy if they have it!

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  1. Brandon and I don't watch a lot of movies at all...or TV for that matter...But I was verrrry interested in this movie. We were not disappointed. Very much worth the time.
    The guy dancing in the bathroom was hilarious... =)