Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo 51

With current situations, I didn't plan on getting a thing for Valentine's day and was okay with that. Really. When Thomas came home with a gift, I must say that my first reaction was to cry and be upset with him. I like to give gifts as well as receive, and to me, it simply wasn't fair for him to get me something without me having the opportunity as well.

Opening the card and reading it took all that away and really made me cry. He bought us both journals for us to write to each other throughout the next year (until next Valentine's). You know, he surprises me when he does stuff like this because it's just NOT in Thomas' nature to be romantic, but when he is, he just simply does it well.

This is a good thing for us. And I've enjoyed my little journal and findiing time in my day to jot down something for him to read. It's neat knowing that he'll not read this until a year down the road...and I try to record things that are pertinent. I wouldn't mind if this becomes a yearly Valentine's tradition and will definitely make certain to put some thought into a very special journal for him next year...


  1. "clap, clap" for Thomas!!!!

    maybe he'll rub off on the Nate!

  2. WOW.. that's awesome! GO Thomas!!!! :)